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Mulch Products

It is important to know exactly what you are buying when it comes to mulch. At Lombardos we care about the ground we walk on. Our bark mulch is 100% tree bark and contains no stumps or pallets. Mulch has tremendous benefits to our gardens and plants. Mulch not only helps soil retain moisture but also encourages micro-organisms to genereate nutrients into the soil.

At Lombardo’s, we offer 4 varieties of mulch. Click and enlarge the photos to see and compare the colors:

Fine Pine

Black mulch continues to rise in popularity over other colors, giving flowerbeds a professionally landscaped look. Comprised of fir bark, it is partially decomposed, bearing the appearance of rich, dark soil.


This blend of spruce and fir bark is aged to a rich, chocolate brown. It’s one of our most popular mulches. With the wonderful scent of a Christmas Tree, this mulch compliments any garden or landscape area.


Our finely textured hemlock bark mulch is our most distinctive product. With its signature amber color, this beautiful mulch is especially striking against an evergreen background.


The foundation of this mulch is aged horse bedding (wood shavings) from local horse farms. Other ingredients include: manure, grain, hay, and other organic material. Organic mulches help nutrients reach plant roots as well as nurture beneficial bacteria, fungi, insects and worms. These soil organisms help control many plant pests and out compete the undesirable bacteria.

Samples of our product offerings are available at our processing center and our office. We are proud to partner with Marble Hill Farm, which is currently taking some time off.